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If you are a lawyer, software house, creative agency, consulting company. If you are a person who need to track his time to bill it like knowledge worker, freelancer, consultant, lawyer. Particularly anyone that has to do time reports or account for their time. TimeCamp feature-rich time tracking solution is designed for you.

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You can start experiencing TimeCamp. And see many oportunities here. Tracking time worked on projects. Monitor the overall performance and to spot the distractions. Comprehensive reports, useful tools for work control, good price. Computer use logs. More precise and comfortable work time tracking. Eliminate distractions. Time reports.

Automated timesheets Automated stopwatch and easiness to switch between tasks. Automatic project tracking - the only thing why i use TimeCamp - that i don't have to track time manually. Tools that automatically traces what you work on.

Integration with Trello, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Podio, Jira, Wunderlist, Assembla, Easy Redmine (and more) is super easy.

Over 5,393,406 hours tracked by more than 200 customers

Awesome timekeeping A tool to monitor your activities and report on efficiency and to reduce distractions or non productive work. A piece of software that allows you to review what you've done during the day and how much time you've spent working. It may also help you to control what your employees are doing with the time you're paying them for. Told them it's the best automatic time tracker I have ever used and showed them on my screen how smart this thing is in switching between the different projects as I switch windows. That caught their attention immediately.

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Customer Testimonial
TimeCamp is one of just a handful of go-to apps I use on an hourly basis. No more weekly’s. No more not knowing what you were doing or should be doing. No more I should have done this or that. With TimeCamp running in the background all these questions and more are answered for you and automatically with their rich data collection and reporting analytics and with their integration and synchronization with Trello, Project Management could not be easier. Rounding all this out is the awesome support you get with the TimeCamp team. Not only are they knowledgeable and informative, they are really nice and responsive and work with you one-on-one to answer your questions and get you up to speed.

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